Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Suaoki 600M Digital Laser Golf Rangefinder Scope Review


Getting accurate measurement and seeing them when playing is the most important things for a golfer. The Suaoki Golf Rangefinder will give have all the data that you need, and it has a long range (600 meters). It has a 6x magnification for remarkable accuracy, an LCD screen with a side display, Objective Lens, and Adaptable Modes. You will also receive a carry bag, lanyard, wipe cloth and a CR2 battery when you buy this compact and lightweight rangefinder.
Features and Specifications
Range: This rangefinder has a range of 600 meters or 656 yards that will give you distances to distant objects without having to move.
6X Magnification: Accuracy should be the least of your worries when using this rangefinder because it has 6x Magnification that ensures you get an accuracy of +/- 1 yard.
Display: It has a bright and clear LCD Screen but what makes it unique is the fact that it has side screen that makes it possible to read the measurement without straining your eyes.
Lens: Suaoki Digital rangefinder has a standard 21mm objective lens.
Modes: This device has adaptable Modes, and so you can choose from golf distance correction, fog mode, and flagpole lock mode.
Dimensions and Weight: The rangefinder only weighs 6oz, and its dimensions are 106 x 39 x 73mm making it a lightweight and very compact device.
What you Get: Apart from the rangefinder you will also get a CR2 battery, user manual, lanyard, wiping cloth and a carrying bag.


You can be confident of enjoying many benefits when using this laser rangefinder, but the main one or what most players will love is accuracy. It has a 6x magnification that will give you a +/- 1-meter accuracy and so you can always be confident that the data that you get is correct without any miscalculations.

Monday, September 11, 2017



In the gaming space you’ll discover a sea of ear pads, surround-sound and brightly coloured headsets that you’d be reluctant to showcase out on the open road. And it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pick out a model that will fit your needs – and your budget.

If you’re a PS4 gamer looking for a wireless headset with surround sound and a strong design, then you should seriously consider Sony’s own Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0. Built specifically for the PS4, they cost just £79.99, which is quite a bargain compared to other PS4 headsets on the market.

Although a black version of this headset has been around since early 2014, Sony has now released a Glacier White model to complement the two main iterations of the PS4 console. So, I thought I’d give them a second look.

Sony Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 – Design

The Sony Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0 features a minimalistic design that apes its console counterpart, with an angular headband that rests upon over-ear cups. It’s simple and sleek, complemented by the lack of wires and the usual garish gaming headset detailing.

The set is available in black or white, both featuring a striking interior blue band. Made of a sturdy matte plastic, you won’t be afraid to throw them into a rucksack to cart around. The ear-cups themselves are finished in a faux-leather material, with a fabric mesh over the speakers. In addition, they fold flat for added portability.

Although a leatherette finish can occasionally lead to some sweaty ears after a long session, this isn’t something that I’ve experienced with the Sony Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0. Instead, I’ve found them incredibly comfortable to wear for long periods. My ears are well cushioned by the cups, but also free from any excessive pressure from the headset clamping to my head.

You can adjust the size of the headset by sliding the cups up and down the band, so both large and small head sizes are catered for.

Sony adds that the panels on the side of the headset are interchangeable, with customised plates available for personalisation. However, these plates are hard to come by, with the only ones we were able to track down available for InFamous: Second Son – released back in March, 2014.

What adds to the Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0’s svelte design is the lack of large buttons and garish branding. Both sides feature a simple PlayStation logo and the button symbols, while Sony has added some minimalistic buttons on the left cup for easy access to volume controls and other settings.

At the front of the left cup sits the power switch, which offers options of “off”, “preset 1” or “preset 2”. On preset 1, you’ll get the basic VSS settings, which we’ve found more than adequate for all our gaming and movie needs. Preset 2, on the other hand, can be customised with your own audio settings, or just adds a little more bass at factory settings. More on that later, though.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Solar Panels need to be positioned just right to maximize power harvesting.

The current and power output of RENOGY 100W are approximately proportional to the sun’s intensity. At a given intensity, a solar panel's output current and operating voltage are determined by the characteristics of the load. If that load is a battery, the battery's internal resistance will dictate the module's operating voltage.

A solar panel, which is rated at 17 volts will put out less than its rated power when used in a battery system. That’s because the working voltage will be between 12 and 15 volts. Because wattage (or power) is the product of volts multiplied by the amps, the module output will be reduced. For example, a 50-watt solar panel working at 13.0 volts will products 39.0 watts (13.0 volts x 3.0 amps = 39.0 watts). This is important to remember when sizing a PV system.

An I-V curve (see image on right) is simply all of a RENOGY 100W possible operating points (voltage/current combinations) at a given cell temperature and light intensity. Increases in cell temperature increase a solar panel’s current slightly, but significantly decrease voltage output.

PV solar panels are very sensitive to shading. Unlike solar thermal panels used in hot water heating that can tolerate some shading, many brands of PV solar panels cannot even tolerate shading from the branch of a leafless tree.

Shading obstructions can be from “soft” or “hard” sources. If a tree branch, roof vent, chimney or other item is shading from a distance, the shadow is diffuse or dispersed. These soft sources significantly reduce the amount of light reaching a solar panel’s cells. Hard sources are defined as those that stop light from reaching solar cells, such as a blanket, tree branch, bird dropping sitting directly on top of the glass. If even one full cell is hard shaded, the voltage of that module will drop to half of its un-shaded value in order to protect itself. If enough cells are hard shaded, the module will not convert any energy and will, in fact, become a tiny drain of energy on the entire system.

Tilt Angle

To capture the maximum amount of RENOGY 100W over the course of a year, a solar array should be tilted at an angle approximately equal to a site's latitude, and facing 15 degrees of due south. To optimize winter performance, the solar array can be tilted 15 degrees more than the latitude angle, and to optimize summer performance, 15 degrees less than the latitude angle. At any given instant, an array will output maximum available power when pointed directly at the sun.

To compare the energy output of your array to its optimum value, you will need to know the site's latitude, and actual tilt angle of your array--which may be the slope of your roof if your array is flush-mounted. If your solar array tilt is within 15% of the latitude angle, you can expect a reduction of 5% or less in your system's annual energy production. If your solar array tilt is greater than 15 degrees off the latitude angle, the reduction in your system's annual energy production may fall by as much as 15% from its peak available value. During the winter months at higher latitude, the reduction will be greater.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Give Your Business the Competitive Edge It Needs with These Tips

In a sense, business is all about competition. Even if you don’t feel very much like you need to focus on your competition, the truth is that you are competing with others at all times, and it is in your interest to try and ensure that you end up on top. Giving your business the competitive edge is something that you will need to learn to do well if you want to succeed in the long run, so it is well worth taking a look at the following points. Here, we are going to look at some of the major things that can help in giving your business the edge in its practices. Follow these guidelines, and you really can’t go far wrong.

Mastermind Group

This is a relatively new practice which has been gaining a lot of coverage in the world of business in the past few years, and for the very good reason that it is a highly effective way to beat the competition in a short space of time. What’s more, it is something which gives you an ongoing support system, and that is always going to be useful in any kind of business environment. What is it? A mastermind group is a group of people – your best people – who get together on a regular basis to brainstorm all the possible ways that you might be able to improve your business. You can approach this in a number of ways. If you like, you can have a focus for each session, or probably more effectively you can let it be a free-for-all each time. Getting your best brains together in this way is always going to prove effective, so make sure you set up your own mastermind group today.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

8 Common Accounting Mistakes Most Small Business Owners Commit

There is nothing better than building a successful business. The kind that enables any entrepreneur to deliver superior services than all of his competitors. While passion may energize you, there is another side of the business that can equally drain you… accounting! There is hardly any business owner that wakes in the morning, excited by the idea of balancing transactions. Needless to say, accounting is key to business success. Every business owner should monitor their accounting closely in order to avoid making these common mistakes:

1. Hiring the Wrong People

Many small business owners often hire the wrong people for the job. Even though hiring a highly experienced accountant may not be affordable for new business owners, it is still important to hire an accountant who can competently handle the job. While cheaper hires may be tempting, always remember that garbage in, garbage out. Do not make this common mistake and put your business credit at risk.

2. Never Reconciling Books and Bank Statements

In order to ensure that there are no mistakes between the company’s records and bank statements, reconciling recorded transactions is very important. This ensures accurate bookkeeping as failing to reconcile the two will lead to ineffective accounting.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Important Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

If you are an entrepreneur starting a business, it may seem as though there are not enough hours in the day to complete all of your tasks. To complicate matters even more, every second that ticks on a clock represents money. So, the question is, are you earning money in your business or wasting it?

Does that sound scary? Well it should. Per Microsoft, it was discovered that small business owners only used around 60% of their day actually completing tasks to improve their profit margin. This means that if they worked a standard five-day week, they were only working on their business three days out of five. Take that information and apply it to your small business. How would you feel if you only made money 60% of the time while working on your business?

In reality, it is quite simple to waste time when you own a small business. Unless you have a plan in place for how you will spend your work hours, the time will go by quickly. The good news is that there are several tips you can use for better time management.